Fall 2017 November Student Feature: Rory Frazier

Happy November everyone, we have new students to feature this month! Here we have Senior Rory Frazier!

1.      Tell us about yourself! What’s your name; where are you from?

 I'm Rory! I grew up in South Carolina and moved to Kansas City to go to school here.


2.      Why illustration? What brought you to KCAI?
 I chose KCAI because I liked the campus and the city, and I was awarded relatively more scholarship money here than any of my other options. My original intent was to major in animation, but after one semester of that I knew it wasn't my thing. I wanted to make a living doing creative work, but I wasn't very interested in pursuing a fine art lifestyle, so Illustration was the obvious second choice.

3.      What medium do you prefer?
I really enjoy linoleum block printing or working with pen and ink on paper, but I have a tendency to go with digital solutions.


4.      What’s been your favorite project thus far and why?
The Ouija Board project was a really great opportunity to play with illustrative lettering and design, and I had a lot of fun with it. I love a good hand lettering project!

5.      Who and or what is an inspiration for you in terms of your art making?
I can't think of any specific artists who were hugely influential to my work, but I find a lot of perspective in discussing work with others. For aesthetic inspiration I tend to look at a lot of tattoos, lettering work, plants, animals, and geometric design work.


6.      What’s your go to tool for sketching and idea making?
Sketchbooking is my favorite part of the creative process! I hate erasing stuff so I use a ton of paint markers, mostly Posca brand.

7.      What is your favorite go to meal?
Spaghetti with mushrooms!

8.      If you were not doing art, what do you think you would be studying or doing instead?
I can't see myself participating in society at large if I wasn't pursuing a career as an artist. Without art, typical modern life sounds dreadfully boring. I'd probably be trying to build a self-sustaining home in the wilderness. Maybe I'd join a commune or something.


9.      What other types of work interest you?
I'm really fascinated with high-end cake decorating for some reason? I also love ceramics and glass, and I've always thought that I might like to learn to work with glass some day. 



You can find Rory on other social media platforms here:

instagram: roardraws
website: roardraws.tumblr.com