2017 KCAI Art & Design Auction!

After a month of wrapping things up, the summer is officially upon us. Yay! The 2017 Art & Design Auction is this Saturday, June 3! All of the full-time Illustration faculty have work in the auction this year. We are proud and honored to support KCAI in its effort to raise funds for student scholarships.

Assistant Professor Maura Cluthe was recently interviewed by KC Studio Magazine about why she continually donates work to the auction:

Maura Cluthe, assistant professor of illustration and KCAI alumna, knows first-hand the impact scholarships make to students. The amount of financial aid she received from KCAI helped her make her final decision to come to Kansas City for college. 

“Since the inception of the KCAI Art & Design Auction, I have donated work to the auction. As a student, I relied heavily on my student scholarships and worked very hard to maintain them. They enabled me to be here; I am immensely grateful for that. As an alumna and now as a faculty member, I am happy to donate work to the auction with the hope that it will not only find its way into a new home, but also help to support a student like me. Every little bit helps, and can make all the difference. I’m honored to be a small part of this ongoing effort to support our students,” said Cluthe

Cluthe’s art blurs the lines between art, illustration and design. Her mixed media work integrates text drawing, photography, painting and other things she has collected. Her donated piece, “Arrange and Rearrange”, oil, alkyd, enamel, enamel marker on canvas, 48 x 48 inches, is valued at $2,800.

Below are the pieces that were donated by KCAI Illustration faculty. For more information on the auction, or to bid on a piece, visit https://donate.kcai.edu/auction .

Steve Mayse ,  2nd Hand Rose

Steve Mayse, 2nd Hand Rose

David Terrill ,  Jazz Capitol

David Terrill, Jazz Capitol

Hector Casanova ,  Soft Like A Prayer

Hector Casanova, Soft Like A Prayer

John Ferry ,  Omaha

John Ferry, Omaha

Maura Cluthe ,  Arrange and Rearrange

Maura Cluthe, Arrange and Rearrange