Society of Illustrators Student Competition winners!

We just found out that 9 of our students (4 alums and 5 current students) have had work accepted into the Society of Illustrators Student Competition and we couldn't be more proud!  This is the fourth year that we've existed as a department since it was re-established and the third year that our students have entered work into this competition. Every year we've entered, we've had more work accepted into the show, which is a great feeling. Big congrats to all of our talented illustrators! 

All the pieces below will be on display at the Museum of American Illustration in New York, NY from May 7 - 31 with an opening reception on Friday, May 9, 2014.

Check out the winning pieces below. To see all of the student work that's going to be in the show, visit the Society of Illustrators.

Emma Jennings,  Heir Loom , 2013

Emma Jennings, Heir Loom, 2013

Spencer Pullen,  Exotic Interior , 2013

Spencer Pullen, Exotic Interior, 2013

Tierra Nelson,  Babe In The Woods , 2014

Tierra Nelson, Babe In The Woods, 2014

Kelsey Wroten,  Monster Mosh , 2013

Kelsey Wroten, Monster Mosh, 2013

Kelsey Wroten,  Pilgrim , 2013

Kelsey Wroten, Pilgrim, 2013

Claire Faulhaber,  Thinking of You , 2013

Claire Faulhaber, Thinking of You, 2013

Kelsey Borcherding,  Bok , 2013

Kelsey Borcherding, Bok, 2013

Kelsey Borcherding,  Fields , 2013

Kelsey Borcherding, Fields, 2013

Clinton Walker,  Unplugged , 2013

Clinton Walker, Unplugged, 2013

Andy Ozier,  Double Bass Sketchbook Spread , 2013

Andy Ozier, Double Bass Sketchbook Spread, 2013

Andy Ozier,  Everyone's Talking About BBQ , 2013

Andy Ozier, Everyone's Talking About BBQ, 2013

Celina Curry,  Playground , 2013

Celina Curry, Playground, 2013

Society of Korea lllusart (SOKI) winners

Last December, the Society of Korea Illusart (SOKI) had a call for entries for their annual illustration competition. Welcoming entries from around the world, the SOKI competition is broken down into several categories including Character Illustration, Fashion Illustration (styles and patterns), Scientific and Technical Illustration, 3D Illustration, Typography Illustration, Gallery Illustration, Installation Illustration and Illustration for Communication Design.

We are pleased to announce that Taylor Fourt and Johannah Miller (both KCAI Illustration sophomores) have both been accepted into the SOKI international art competition in Seoul, Korea and have both been acknowledged and awarded for their entries into the competition. In addition, they are both honorary members of SOKI. Way to go, Taylor and Johannah!! Congratulations!

Taylor Fourt, 2013

Taylor Fourt, 2013

Johannah Miller, 2013

Johannah Miller, 2013