Spring 2018 February Student Feature: Michelle Julmisse

Howdy all! We're back for the Spring semester for some new students to feature! Here we have Michelle Julmisse who is currently a junior.


1. Tell us about yourself! What’s your name, where are you from?

Hey! My name is Michelle Julmisse, and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

2. Why illustration? What brought you to KCAI?

I always loved to draw. When attending portfolio days in high school, I noticed that on top of offering better scholarships than most places, KCAI was always one of the nicest schools I got reviewed by. When I came here, I originally wanted to study graphic design, but seeing the end-of-semester show at the illustration department reminded me that I (again) love to draw, and that it's all I want to do.


3.  What medium do you prefer?

I really like plain old graphite! I feel like it gives me the most control compared to other materials. It's also great for sketches and the early stages of rendering.

4. Favorite project thus far and why?

I think one of my favorite projects was a book cover I made for the visiting artist, Gerard Dubois. After going through a funk for a couple of weeks, I decided to just have fun, create a crazy narrative, and do the kind of art I was feeling. It ended up being one my favorite pieces in my portfolio.


5. Who and or what is an inspiration for you in art making?

I find that my faith is my major source of inspiration. As a Christian, trying to incorporate Biblical themes into my pieces is the fun challenge that keeps me going. I find that those meaningful messages in my projects give me a lot of peace and encouragement, and my hope is that my work can do the same for someone else.

6.  Go to tool for sketching and idea making?

Whenever I’m having trouble coming up with an idea for a project, Pinterest is my go-to! For me, going there is the quickest and most efficient way to find inspiration. When I finally start to come up with something, I like to use colored lead pencils for preliminary sketches.


7.  What is your favorite go to meal?

Chipotle, Chipotle, CHIPOTLE. A hearty bowl full of rice, beans, chicken, pico and corn for less than $10 is always gonna be one of my favorites!

8. If you were not doing art, what do you think you would be studying or doing instead?

I think I would go into teaching. I like kids, and I enjoy helping people understand things. In elementary and middle school, I remember I had a few instructors who were kind, inspiring, and interested in art even though they weren’t art teachers. I would want to be a lot like them, teaching art or history by day, but being a productive artist by night.

9. What other types of work interest you?

I am deeply interested in writing stories, and narrative and illustration go hand in hand! I hope to better my skills as a visual artist and writer so I can write novels and/or comics in the future and illustrate them all myself.



You can catch me on INSTA @michellejulmisse <3

Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! :)